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Cut your Acos in 30 days... for free

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All-in-one Search Term Dashboard

✔️View and negate ALL your search terms in one place

✔️Search terms data is stored forever. Amazon deletes yours after 60 days

Recommendation Engine for Search Term Negation

✔️Save hours and $$$ with BookBots KDP specific negation recommendations

✔️Single click negation of all costly search terms!

Negation Automation

Set and forget negation. Use BookBot's built-in rules or create your own custom ruleset.

Advanced Metrics

✔️ Profit ✔️ TACOS ✔️ ROI

✔️Organic vs ad royalties

✔️ Break-even Acos

✔️ Recommended bids and many more metrics.

Three Simple Steps to Cutting Your Acos


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Cut acos in two clicks

Review search term negation suggestions and negate ALL in one-click


Automate and get back to publishing

Use BookBot's KDP specific negation rules (or create your own). BookBot will do the rest

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Publish your own books or help a small number of publishersIf you have more tiers or lots of features, try the table.
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Free 30 day trial (no card details required)
Best dammed Search Term Dashboard everReview, filter and negate ALL search terms in a single place
Recommended search term negationsSave time (and money) with publisher centric recommendations
Automated search term negationUse our rules or create your own
KDP Royalty + Ad spend analyticsAll data in a single dashboard
Search term data stored foreverKDP deletes data after 60 days. Make better decisions with more data
Number of marketplaces/ countriesLess than 2020 or more
Automated bid optimisationComing soonComing soon
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Cut your Acos in 30 days... for free

30 day free trial, no card details needed

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